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About Us

1.Company profile
Flower Group(HK) Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1998. Join The Brokerform in 2003, IC-Source in 2004. During the more than ten years period, we built own supply channels of high quality ICs, including obsolete/hard to find components.
Our focus is mainly on the O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturer) marketplace, we also have our own stock as well. We specialize in DALLAS,MOT,PHILIPS,AD ,NS, MAXIM, ST, INTERSIL, HITACHI,LT,INTEL, TOS,BB, etc.
And for shipment,we could ship the parts with our hongkong shipping forward to maximum avoid the possibility for detaining by customs Your every inquiry is most important to us, we are looking forward to be one of your steady and long-term business partners in china via our sincerity and efforts.

2. Team
Our team is young and full of energy. We are 3P team:
Prompt: Prompt response of every customer’s requirement.
Passion: Our sales terms will serve you with full of passion.
Professional:We have strong sales/purchasings/technicist/QC terms.

3. Suppliers
We more than 50k stock, with more regular/reliable supplier's stock.
We have three Standard of supplier:
A Class supplier:
1. Franchiser: Only supplier the brand new parts with original package, generally for big quantity order, need to book the parts in advance, and the lead times is always long, may have some stock of the certain items, but not with big quantity. All the part is for factory sealed package, include: original reel,box,lable. No guarantee days, can offer the Mfg COC.
2. Distributor: Speicalized in some certain brand of the parts,, stock, or short lead time, most of the part are with the original package, like original lable or box, depends on the quantity, if too small quantity can not be with original package. Totally quality confirmed, but without the guarantee days. Hot source, quotation may only valid with 24 hours, no COC
A1:long-time cooperated supplier, can keep the parts with us even just for the possible order quotation, if other company request it, could inform us in advance.
A2:Normal cooperated supplier: can not hold source, need the deposition or even the whole payment to ship the parts, some supplier need to check if 100% brand new parts or with original package.
B Class supplier:
Honest ,long-time cooperated, supplier the refurbished parts with original die, long time quality guarantee, seldom problem.
1). Long-time cooperated, big and stable company has it’s own stock.
2). Honest ,can 100% tell the truth of the parts.
3). Long time quality guarantee ,at least 90 days, some of the parts even forever time guarantee days.
4). Lead time around 3-10 days, expert in searching the obsolete parts, largest source.
5). Failure of the parts below 5%.
6). Updated the stock once a week.
7). Good payment terms ,one month once paid, or net 30.
C Class supplier
1). New supplier, short time cooperated.
2). Can not tell the truth of the parts as 100%,need to check the parts before buy.
3). All kinds of the source, quality is not quite certain.
4). Short time guarantee days, always only 30-60days.
5). Failure rate higher than B class supplier, not always happy business.
6). The updated of the stock not quite offen, some stock not exact.
7). Always TT in advance, not net. terms.
Most of our suppliers are With A or B class, but if the parts really hard to find, we may try to seach parts with C class suppier.

4. Work of our QC department
Our QC check the parts depends on the reputation of the different suppliers, if with A or B class supplier, we only check the parts in normal way,or pick up some pcs to check in a forma way.
If with C class supplier, we will check the parts before the order, when we get the parts, Our QC will check the parts to see if with the same d/c, check the pars with different d/c。If possible, we will detach the package to check the parts. If with no cooperated supplier, we will check the parts totally if possible.
QC still will check the details of the parts as customer’s request, such us the package or the d/c or if need ROHS and son as the customer request,if not match ,will replace with the supplier.
If some of the parts with defects, such as not with good apperence, bend leads ,we will ask our suppler to replace till the all the quantity is okay.
PS::The checking with our QC is not with the Test report.
What can do for our QC?
Our QC departments can do the Visual inspection work, including right typing or not,If tidy appearance of top and bottom of parts, and the pin-neat, the packing sealed or not.
We can do the basic circuit testing, sampling (Electricity will see whether the connectivity within the leads, or non-necrotic pieces) Have Magnifier test Clear procedures to see parts have programed or not.
Will take the pics on each shipments every day, including top and bottom pics, In reel or tube’s pic, and the label pic. if there are multiple d/cs, they will take each the pics on each d/cs,and notice how many pcs on each d/cs.

5. Warranty:
We had different warranty for different sources.
1), Parts from franchiser or Agency, no warranty or at most 30 days warranty
2), Reliable sources, usually 45 days warranty can be supply, limited and short warranty of a minor sources.
3). No warranty for some cheap sources or used parts.
4). VIP customers, according to different sources and customer requirements for the warranty,details for guarantee is negotiable for some of the orders.
Addtion: Any of the above terms, in case of customer have special requirements need to extend the warranty, negotiated price and all this can be achieved.

6. Payment terms
1). The customer without good credit (negative rating, delay payment, refusal freight ect), the usual we do not deal with them. Even in business, we can only accept TT in advance and need to prepay freight
2). New customer or have several deals, we had a flexible payment terms include: TT, COD, ESCROW. Be settled by the amount (such as below $5000), we can apply NET terms for you after checking the reference is good enough for our company’s policy. Above $5000, negotiated payment. such as for escrow, if for big order, we can consider to afford the half of escrow fee or even for full!!
3). VIP customer, according to the cooperation time and monthly order amount, we can apply more favorably payment terms for you:
For continued 3 month, if we can reach the certain amount for each month as high as 10K usd with on time payment, for the forth month we can consider NET 5-7 terms. And for each order, if amount is over 3k-5k, we will need to do TT or escrow.
For whole year, if we can get totally 300K used, each month no lower than 20k usd, we can consider for NET 15, paid twice a month for next year. Still if with too big order, which is around 10k usd, we may prefer the buyer to pay for deposite as 30%-50% or do escrow for big order now matter for what kind terms we do for that time.
The credit amount for each month is also changed for the cooperation improved, if we can start to do NET 5-7 terms, the maximum amount is with 20k usd for first 3 month, which means once the credit amount over 20k,we need to close some orders first.
If our cooperation we can do net 15 terms, the credit amount even can as high as 20k-30kusd.But that request our customer to pay for the parts on time indeed.

7. Shipping
We will ship parts with customer shipping account with the weight under 6kg,if over parts hard to export here. and easy catch us custom eyes. and the amount on CI should be under 600usd means if over 600usd parts, we have to devalue under it to get the export easier here.
Since nowdays US custom is very strict for Chinese package, for some of the important shipment we may have to ship through HK, for this way, we may meet the case that to ship the parts with our shipping account, so hope for cooperation with customer to pay for the shipping fee when parts get paid.

8. RMA terms
For RMA parts ,we will afford the returning shipment fee not inbound.
For shipping account ,we indeed have one, but for the hard import procedure for custom here, we may have to ship the parts to our Hong kong shipping forward by buyer’s account. we will credit or refund the shipping fee when parts shipped back.
The credit will made according with the quantity of the parts shipped back.
When parts arrived at HK, it would need around 1-2 weeks to ship to our place, so for refunding, we will refund 30% of the amount of the good when parts arrived at HK, and balance for 70% will released when our place got the parts

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